As a science-focused biotechnology company, Senescence Life Sciences is applying our research to a variety of thereapies across three businesses:

SLS Nutraceuticals

Off-the-shelf, market-ready range of nutraceutical products to improve brain health, and increase cognitive performance.

  • Focus on purity, consistency and safety.
  • Full white label services for select brands and countries.
  • Multiple formats available.
  • Robust, ongoing clinical research to support marketing and regulatory team.

SLS Performance

A novel formulation designed to improve reaction time, focus, spatial awareness, and combat decision fatigue experienced by athletes, eSports professionals and other neuro-intensive activities.

  • Drink formulation currently undergoing development, with expected first clinical trial in early 2020.
  • Developed by SLS Performance and world’s leading flavour company.
  • Designed as an alternative to current high sugar, high caffeine energy drinks.

SLS Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical division focusing on developing next-generation, clinically tested medicines for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Drug pipeline includes a multi-therapeutic targeting cellular repair cycles upstream of β-Amyloid production.
  • First in-human trials to be conducted in the coming years.