Senescence Life Sciences was founded on the belief that brain health is essential for healthy living and that everyone can take an active role in maintaining their cognitive performance.

Supported by world-renowned scientists and business leaders, Senescence leverages the latest technology to research, develop and commercialize safe, effective and scientifically proven neuroprotective compounds to combat dementia, support brain health and improve cognitive performance.

The company’s continued focus and investment into R&D will ensure Senescence remains at the forefront of brain health.

Our work targets the enzymatic process through which cellular free radical damage is translated into functional changes in the brain. This led to the identification of a cellular mechanism that, when manipulated, has been shown to restore neuronal electrophysiology, learning and memory performance.

Our findings present the exciting possibility that the natural decline in our cognitive capabilities as we age may be preventable or even reversible

This is done in four ways:

A Slowing free radical attack on brain lipids at the initial site of attack, protecting our brains from damage.

B Regulating and preventing the spread of harmful compounds that are created when lipids in the brain are damaged.

C Detoxifying and removing metabolites that cause inflamation and impair neuronal function.

D Increasing the brain’s natural ability to repair damaged lipids and reintegrate them back into the neuronal plasma membrane.

The company’s underlying lipid-based theory is thought to be a foundational mechanism responsible for inflammatory-based neurological performance decline and impairment. This inflammation is thought to be key in everything from lifestyle-based declines in cognitive performance (such as those caused by lack of sleep, stress, pollution and/or a poor diet), to pathological iterations of aging like what is observed in Alzheimer’s disease.

With such broad implications for its underlying science, Senescence Life Sciences is pursuing aggressive clinical research program across all its subsidiaries. With initial pilot clinical trials completed, and more planned in the coming years, Senescence looks to disrupt traditional therapeutic strategies and provide a pipeline of new, unique compounds, blends, and products that will change the way we view brain health.

Dr. Shawn Watson – CEO, Founder

Senescence Life Sciences’ vision stems from our Founder and CEO Dr. Shawn Watson’s first-hand experience witnessing the devastating impact of dementia on his own family.

Dr. Watson pursued a PhD in Neuroscience, investigating the decline in brain function as we age. His research led to a breakthrough discovery that uncovered the mechanisms for how the brain self-repairs damage brought on by age-related cognitive decline. Senescence has since been on a mission to leverage the latest advances in neuroscience to create products designed to protect and preserve brain function.

Dr. Watson is a published author, and speaker. He was recognized in Singapore as one of the Top 10 Influencers in Healthcare under the age of 40, and one of the Top 5 entrepreneurs under 35 at the Transpacific Entrepreneurial Conference in Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the Government of Canada.

Melissa Contant – COO & General Counsel

Melissa is a qualified lawyer admitted to the Quebec Bar (Canadian/Commonwealth jurisdiction) since 2002, and she holds a Postgraduate degree in Business Law from the University of Montreal.

During the first 10 years of her career, Melissa has been working in top business law firms in Montreal. She gained extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation and managed all phases of the litigation process. In addition to her litigation practice, she negotiated and drafted a variety of commercial agreements and was involved in handling all matters of commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, primarily for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Her practice lead her to develop a keen understanding of the challenges faced by SMEs.

After moving to South-East Asia, Melissa worked in Singapore at a boutique law firm focused on business law, where she was exposed to Asia legal systems. Since 2015, she is an Associate Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre (an expert panel made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds).

Melissa joined Senescence Life Sciences in 2017, where, as General counsel, she has continued her track record of excellence with successful commercial agreements with several multi-national companies, the completion of key private equity capital raising and starting two of Senescence’s subsidiaries.

Over the past 17 years, Melissa’s natural ability to lead has also allowed her to fill various recruitment, training and team management responsibilities, including her position as COO of Senescence since 2018.